Can Introverts be UX Designers?

When I decided to start my career in UX, one thing that really bothered me was, being a UX Designer I’m supposed to interact with new people every day; with clients for requirement gathering and follow-ups; with users/potential users as the part of user research, and with my colleagues in different locations. But I am … Continue reading Can Introverts be UX Designers?

Event Highlights: Let’s Talk UX

Reading Time: 2 mins approx. On the rainy Saturday morning of August 10th, 2019, UXShots conducted its very first event, “Let’s talk UX”. The massive turnout for our event in spite of heavy rainfall reinstated the value and passion prevalent among Technopark employees for User Experience. Our speaker for the day was Krishand R.K., an … Continue reading Event Highlights: Let’s Talk UX

Stepping in one’s shoes – via Bodystorming

Reading Time: 3 mins approx. In my previous article - Typography for Older Adults. How important is it? , I mentioned that to be a skilled UX Designer, we need to have the ability to empathize with people. Once you understand their -  point of views, interests, pains, and gains, we may provide viable solutions … Continue reading Stepping in one’s shoes – via Bodystorming