Ergonomically designed WFH

Ergonomics, also known as Comfort Design is a term closely related to ‘User Experience’. It is the process of designing/arranging workplaces or products so that they fit the people who use them.  Being an IT professional, our job requires us to be seated at a desk for several hours a day. This sedentary lifestyle is … Continue reading Ergonomically designed WFH

The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 2

Reading Time: 6 mins approx. In my previous article, we went through five psychological phenomena that help designers understand their users. Now let's have a look at five more. 6. The Pratfall Effect In social psychology, the Pratfall effect says that competent people appear more likeable and attractive when they make a mistake than when … Continue reading The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 2

The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 1

Reading Time: 6 mins approx. A popular belief about design is that it is purely an artistic job, but the truth is, there is much more to design than what meets the eye. To create a truly valuable design that users love, we must understand the person using it. We should visualize their goals and … Continue reading The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 1

Usability Aesthetics & Branding Guidelines

Reading Time: 4 mins approx. Aesthetic UI Design is one of the key aspects while talking about usability which gives the visual experience to the user. Branding Guideline is one of the prerequisites that a UI Designer needs before starting a new UI design. It is a document created by the designer who designed the … Continue reading Usability Aesthetics & Branding Guidelines