Xperience: The sum of all interactions

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We decided to celebrate our 18th Friendship Anniversary and wanted it to be an experience to cherish a lifetime. After a lot of discussions, we decided to do a Fly Dine (at Banglore). From the day we reserved our seats, both of us were super excited. The most exciting part was the photos which the “Professional Photographer” would click for us and we flaunting it (yeah, we are crazy!). We waited patiently for the day.

I travelled from Trivandrum to Banglore with much excitement. We met by noon and decided we shud take a Read More

Does Restaurant Menu always impress you?

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You and me, we all like to dine out. More than good food it’s the whole great experience or good vibe that makes it a memorable one.

While entering a restaurant, there are many elements which draw our attention. It may be the ambience, table arrangement, food presentation and many other things. One of the most important among them is a Menu Card. It is a great advertising tool that gives the guest an instant snapshot of the restaurant and the experience they are about to have. There is a saying that, if you are trying to sell food, nothing is more important than the Read More

A memorable restaurant experience

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Friday evenings are for ‘Dine Out’ and that’s been the tradition when we were in the US, a few years ago. We go to some restaurant, eat and relax. One Friday we went to a Chinese restaurant near home, where we have never been before. We received the menu cards and our order goes like this: One Egg drop soup and one chicken fried rice with chicken well done and no bean sprouts (people always customize their orders there and why not me ! :D). Food was really awesome and we loved it. I paid the bill, they asked my name and phone number to register for the membership plan to earn rewards points. All done, we left the restaurant.

A few days later, Read More