UX outside screens: The story of 2 ATMs and a lonely dustbin

Reading Time: 4 mins approx. Once upon a time, I went to an ATM in India to draw some money. There were two ATMs in this particular room and both were working just fine. I went to the ATM on the right and drew money, and the machine choked out my balance receipt. I took … Continue reading UX outside screens: The story of 2 ATMs and a lonely dustbin

Convenience vs Experience: Movie Theatres

Reading Time: 4 mins approx. A Friday evening, sitting in front of a giant screen with a medium sized popcorn or a cup of cold coffee in hand surrounded by an excited audience is a great feeling. Most of my weekends are like this. One question my friends and colleagues constantly ask me is why … Continue reading Convenience vs Experience: Movie Theatres

Zeigarnik Effect

Reading Time: 2 mins approx. “People remember incomplete or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks” … Sounds familiar? In the 1920s, Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik conducted a study on memory in which she compared memory in relation to incomplete and complete tasks. She found that incomplete tasks are easier to remember than successful ones and this … Continue reading Zeigarnik Effect