Typography for Older Adults. How important is it?

As UX designers, there is always a need to empathize with people around us, which is one of the prerequisites in being one. In our workplace as well, we need to take special care and attention while creating a product for a specific user group: which is the Older Adults (Note: wouldn’t want to mention this sweet group as Senior Citizens, because not everyone likes being thought of as a senior citizen)

Now comes a question as to why I have started this blog with such an introduction. Well here goes:

It was raining heavily last week and we were out of grocery. Being a tech-savvy and frequent mobile app user, I downloaded an online grocery shopping application in my mom’s phone and showed it to her. She wanted to buy a food product and before buying, she Read More

A workplace revamp: How to improve the UX of your office

Given a 9-5 schedule, an average adult spends about forty hours a week at his/her workplace. Irrespective of how passionate someone is about their job, there will be times when work becomes, well, just that, work. Improving the user experience of workspaces could be the jolt to drive more creative and innovative work consistently. Most corporates shy away from the thought of it, afraid of the kind of investment needed to create such environments. Fortunately, small alterations could have profound effects. Something as simple as Read More