Gardening and UX: A good mix?

Reading Time: 5 mins approx.

Having a hobby is to spend one’s leisure time in a relaxing and fruitful manner. It helps us take a break from the daily rush of life and gives us joy and a sort of satisfaction. Good hobbies can improve one’s personality and character. Furthermore, it helps in discovering our talents and abilities. People have different hobbies according to their area of interest. I realized that apart from dance & music, something that I was deeply fond of was gardening.

After making our dream home a reality, I wanted to add some colour to it and turned to Read More

Why haven’t I clicked on an ad my entire life?

Reading Time: 2 mins approx.

The title is a little misleading, let me clarify that first. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t remember ever clicking on an ad. I would call myself an experienced internet user. I have been online for more than half my life and I have seen many ads during that time but never been intrigued enough to actually click on one. I fit the persona of millions of internet users and the trend of not clicking on ads are surely seen around the world. The only ad I would want to watch is the super bowl commercials, maybe the Cadbury and Imperial blue ads.  

But if you look at the balance sheets of Google and Facebook, they got billions pouring in through their ad services. How would that be the case when there are users like me? My brain has been well seasoned to understand an ad and to treat it as Read More

Information Architecture (IA) in Daily Life

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Are you the kind of person who likes organising everything around you? Every time I dig around for a file in my system or have to do an unnecessary search to access a folder, I feel like I’m least organised. I know a few people who love doing it and that includes my husband! 😀 Let me make it clear. He is a photographer by passion and his hard drive is filled with photographs (may be more than four terabytes or so). Still, I can easily get any photos I look for and had never wasted time hunting for any of them. Though it’s very simple, I like the way he organises the photographs. Being a UX Designer, Read More

How Intuitive Am I?

Reading Time: 2 mins approx.

Most of us have a misconception that UX Design is all about wireframing. But wireframing is just a part of a very long, essential and iterative process called UCA.

Wireframing is, however, indispensable because it is the design phase where the designers put in all their ideas, thoughts, and assumptions into a single framework. In other words, it serves as a visual guide that can be used for testing with users prior to launch. A sample pattern of the final product will be helpful in Read More


Reading Time: less than a minute

I am a UX Designer. I work in a Company where web/mobile application development is the focus.

As human beings, we have our own definitions and interpretations of everything under the sun. So to understand the perspectives, I asked 5 colleagues from different departments (same company), on their thoughts on UX.

Responses are thought provoking! Have a look:

It’s interesting to know that everyone has their own perspectives and definition for UX.

Let us know your perspectives too in the comment box.

(Note: “User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products: By NNGroup )

Typography for Older Adults. How important is it?

As UX designers, there is always a need to empathize with people around us, which is one of the prerequisites in being one. In our workplace as well, we need to take special care and attention while creating a product for a specific user group: which is the Older Adults (Note: wouldn’t want to mention this sweet group as Senior Citizens, because not everyone likes being thought of as a senior citizen)

Now comes a question as to why I have started this blog with such an introduction. Well here goes:

It was raining heavily last week and we were out of grocery. Being a tech-savvy and frequent mobile app user, I downloaded an online grocery shopping application in my mom’s phone and showed it to her. She wanted to buy a food product and before buying, she Read More