Notification: Its impact during a natural calamity

As active smartphone users, we are fully aware of what notifications are. While designing products, somewhere in our mind we always keep the ‘notification’ module as part of a template in anything we work with. In an article by Stephen Conn, he wrote: “Notifications used in any app would probably distract you no matter what … Continue reading Notification: Its impact during a natural calamity

India Post – A good experience

Reading Time: 3 mins approx. Author: Mithila Chandran Luck by chance, I was able to visit the most widely distributed postal system in the world, “The India Post”. With a negative impression in mind (since almost all government departments gave me bad experiences) and a lot of questions, I entered the building situated at the … Continue reading India Post – A good experience

Time well spent at a Pet Cafe

Reading Time: 4 mins approx. Hello readers! I usually write my articles about concepts related to the field of User Experience. For a change, I decided to write about a wonderful, memorable and wholesome experience I witnessed at a Pet Cafe.  Before I go ahead, let me just give you a definition of what ‘Pet … Continue reading Time well spent at a Pet Cafe

Xperience: The sum of all interactions

Reading Time: 3 mins approx. We decided to celebrate our 18th Friendship Anniversary and wanted it to be an experience to cherish a lifetime. After a lot of discussions, we decided to do a Fly Dine (at Banglore). From the day we reserved our seats, both of us were super excited. The most exciting part … Continue reading Xperience: The sum of all interactions

Onboarding emails done right!

Reading Time: 1 min approx. On signing up to any platform, we’ll typically receive two emails - ‘Confirm your email ID’ and ‘Your email is verified/ Welcome’. We’ve seen quite a few of these emails in our lifetime to know the procedure. It’ll have the usual content and a link to click. But here’s how … Continue reading Onboarding emails done right!

It’s the little things that have a big impact!

Reading Time: less than a minute HDFC ATM here did not rely on just text to provide information to users. As a person who cannot read Hindi, having the exclamation icon indicated that the ATM is out of service. The effort to show an image along with the text saved us, users, a lot of time and trouble. … Continue reading It’s the little things that have a big impact!

A memorable restaurant experience

Reading Time: 2 mins approx. Friday evenings are for ‘Dine Out’ and that's been the tradition when we were in the US, a few years ago. We go to some restaurant, eat and relax. One Friday we went to a Chinese restaurant near home, where we have never been before. We received the menu cards … Continue reading A memorable restaurant experience