Xperience: The sum of all interactions

Reading Time: 3 mins approx.

We decided to celebrate our 18th Friendship Anniversary and wanted it to be an experience to cherish a lifetime. After a lot of discussions, we decided to do a Fly Dine (at Banglore). From the day we reserved our seats, both of us were super excited. The most exciting part was the photos which the “Professional Photographer” would click for us and we flaunting it (yeah, we are crazy!). We waited patiently for the day.

I travelled from Trivandrum to Banglore with much excitement. We met by noon and decided we shud take a Read More

Onboarding emails done right!

Reading Time: 1 min approx.

On signing up to any platform, we’ll typically receive two emails – ‘Confirm your email ID’ and ‘Your email is verified/ Welcome’. We’ve seen quite a few of these emails in our lifetime to know the procedure. It’ll have the usual content and a link to click. But here’s how Any.do made it more interesting. Read More

ATM Affairs

Reading Time: 3 minutes approx

With the discovery of ATM (which is associated with every bank) around the world and that too 24×7, our lives have been made amazing in so many ways.

Let’s talk from a bank perspective – As a bank customer, we need to wait in banks to get cash and to do so, we have to go through numerous ways to withdraw it. First, as we enter the bank Read More

It’s the little things that have a big impact!

Reading Time: less than a minute

HDFC ATM here did not rely on just text to provide information to users. As a person who cannot read Hindi, having the exclamation icon indicated that the ATM is out of service. The effort to show an image along with the text saved us, users, a lot of time and trouble.

Way to go!

A memorable restaurant experience

Reading Time: 2 mins approx.

Friday evenings are for ‘Dine Out’ and that’s been the tradition when we were in the US, a few years ago. We go to some restaurant, eat and relax. One Friday we went to a Chinese restaurant near home, where we have never been before. We received the menu cards and our order goes like this: One Egg drop soup and one chicken fried rice with chicken well done and no bean sprouts (people always customize their orders there and why not me ! :D). Food was really awesome and we loved it. I paid the bill, they asked my name and phone number to register for the membership plan to earn rewards points. All done, we left the restaurant.

A few days later, Read More

Who else wants UX in a mall?

After booking and confirming the date/time for a movie (Sunday, 4:15 p.m.) and the number of seats, I closed the app without looking at the seat numbers at a theatre in a nearby mall.

OMG! Where do I park my car?

Sunday: 3:15 p.m: With my family, left for the theatre. My father (65 years old) who is a bit impatient wants everything with him at the fingertip, was driving the car. We were directed by the security staff at the entrance of the mall to use the rooftop parking area. On reaching the rooftop, there was no assistance for where to park the car. There were cars parked and also some others searching for the parking slot. We were also confused as we did not know whether the other car was looking for a parking slot or was moving out. Fortunately, we Read More