Meet the team of UX enthusiasts who have joined hands to spread awareness on User Experience. We strongly believe (knowledge) sharing is caring. Get in touch with us via

Malu Nair

UX extraordinaire, leader, design thinker with a can-do attitude. Always leads by example and an inspiration to her peers. She loves conducting workshops and meeting new people. When she is not saving businesses and online platforms with her UX powers, she is a loving daughter, wife, mom and a true leader.

Anjana Pradeep

Anjana is a UX Designer and a talented writer who chose UX to fuel her passion for user research. She spends her time preaching about minimalism and a healthy diet. Her go-to trick is headphones plugged in (with no music playing) to help her focus.

Mithila Chandran

She is a simple, hardworking and an ambitious person who strongly believes in simplicity. With keen attention to detail and intense love for being empathetic, she finds solutions for anything and everything around. She dances really well, though she poorly rates her dancing skills!

Jeejo Jose

Jeejo brings with her a vast wealth of UX knowledge and tons of positive energy. She is fun to spend time with and rest assured she always has the best advice on how to get things right, both in life and in user experience.

Devi Ravindran

She is a people person or ‘Good Mixer’ who can get along with any group of people. She enjoys meeting, conversing, and working with different groups of individuals. She is a wonderful team player who would thrive in a team setting because of her ability to be collegial.

Architha Nair

Architha is a diligent and hardworking girl who is keenly interested in UX. Usability Analysis is her favourite field in UXD and she has done several projects in the same. Her ability to quickly learn and grasp new information and her ability to communicate effectively with everyone is commendable.

Nandu Sreekumar

For Nandu, UX has always been the salt in his food, the sweet in his tea and the thread in his attire. He likes to dance, travel and write a lot. He has a keen interest in movies, music, and art. He never considers sesquipedalianism as floccinaucinihilipilification.