The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 2

Reading Time: 6 mins approx. In my previous article, we went through five psychological phenomena that help designers understand their users. Now let's have a look at five more. 6. The Pratfall Effect In social psychology, the Pratfall effect says that competent people appear more likeable and attractive when they make a mistake than when … Continue reading The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 2

The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 1

Reading Time: 6 mins approx. A popular belief about design is that it is purely an artistic job, but the truth is, there is much more to design than what meets the eye. To create a truly valuable design that users love, we must understand the person using it. We should visualize their goals and … Continue reading The Role of Psychology in UXD – Part 1

Can Introverts be UX Designers?

When I decided to start my career in UX, one thing that really bothered me was, being a UX Designer I’m supposed to interact with new people every day; with clients for requirement gathering and follow-ups; with users/potential users as the part of user research, and with my colleagues in different locations. But I am … Continue reading Can Introverts be UX Designers?

Convenience vs Experience: Movie Theatres

Reading Time: 4 mins approx. A Friday evening, sitting in front of a giant screen with a medium sized popcorn or a cup of cold coffee in hand surrounded by an excited audience is a great feeling. Most of my weekends are like this. One question my friends and colleagues constantly ask me is why … Continue reading Convenience vs Experience: Movie Theatres

Gardening and UX: A good mix?

Reading Time: 5 mins approx. Having a hobby is to spend one’s leisure time in a relaxing and fruitful manner. It helps us take a break from the daily rush of life and gives us joy and a sort of satisfaction. Good hobbies can improve one’s personality and character. Furthermore, it helps in discovering our … Continue reading Gardening and UX: A good mix?

Redefining the in-store shopping experience

Reading Time: 4 mins approx. As a shopaholic, I frequently purchase apparels for my friends, family and myself. My friends & cousins always take me with them for shopping when they want to buy something special (maybe because I have a good sense of fashion 😛 ). So I have visited most of the apparel … Continue reading Redefining the in-store shopping experience