My Problem Cont’d

Reading Time: less than a minute

My Yoga Mat!! Looking very neat and clean.  Length: 170 cm & Breadth: 61 cm.(believe this is the universal measurement). My height: 167 cm. So this is mainly for people who want to practice yoga in this so-called ‘Yoga Mat’.

All must have done or seen ‘Shavasanam’. You lie on the floor straight with your hands stretched out on either side of your body. Note that Read More

Human Body UX

Reading Time: 3 mins approx.

We often talk about UX of applications or websites that we come across, UX of products that we use, UX of cars by which we travel,  of mobile phones we use, of doors in our office, parking space and what not. We have covered the UX of all the physical products that we see around ourselves. Then, a thought came to my mind as to why aren’t we looking into the UX of ourselves? Of course, I’m talking about the ‘Human Body’.

Useful (means content should be original and fulfilling a need): If a product is not useful for someone, why would we bring it to the market? Similarly, our body has to Read More

Who else wants UX in a mall?

After booking and confirming the date/time for a movie (Sunday, 4:15 p.m.) and the number of seats, I closed the app without looking at the seat numbers at a theatre in a nearby mall.

OMG! Where do I park my car?

Sunday: 3:15 p.m: With my family, left for the theatre. My father (65 years old) who is a bit impatient wants everything with him at the fingertip, was driving the car. We were directed by the security staff at the entrance of the mall to use the rooftop parking area. On reaching the rooftop, there was no assistance for where to park the car. There were cars parked and also some others searching for the parking slot. We were also confused as we did not know whether the other car was looking for a parking slot or was moving out. Fortunately, we Read More