Ergonomically designed WFH

Ergonomics, also known as Comfort Design is a term closely related to ‘User Experience’. It is the process of designing/arranging workplaces or products so that they fit the people who use them.  Being an IT professional, our job requires us to be seated at a desk for several hours a day. This sedentary lifestyle is … Continue reading Ergonomically designed WFH

One Time Password

Money transactions became very easy after the onset of online banking. Transferring money, paying bills and debts are all just a few clicks away. But with these increasing online transactions, security became the prime concern. Username and password or ATM pins were not enough. So banks started taking extra precautions to increase security and prevent … Continue reading One Time Password

Are loyalty programs loyal to users?

Late last week I went to a hypermarket to buy groceries. I had my two-year-old daughter with me and shopping with kids is... Oh God! Almost impossible I would say. The staff were very helpful and friendly. They entertained my little one and even pushed the shopping cart so that I could quickly get everything … Continue reading Are loyalty programs loyal to users?

Zeigarnik Effect

Reading Time: 2 mins approx. “People remember incomplete or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks” … Sounds familiar? In the 1920s, Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik conducted a study on memory in which she compared memory in relation to incomplete and complete tasks. She found that incomplete tasks are easier to remember than successful ones and this … Continue reading Zeigarnik Effect

Information Architecture (IA) in Daily Life

Reading Time: 2 mins approx Are you the kind of person who likes organising everything around you? Every time I dig around for a file in my system or have to do an unnecessary search to access a folder, I feel like I’m least organised. I know a few people who love doing it and … Continue reading Information Architecture (IA) in Daily Life

A memorable restaurant experience

Reading Time: 2 mins approx. Friday evenings are for ‘Dine Out’ and that's been the tradition when we were in the US, a few years ago. We go to some restaurant, eat and relax. One Friday we went to a Chinese restaurant near home, where we have never been before. We received the menu cards … Continue reading A memorable restaurant experience