Onboarding emails done right!

Reading Time: 1 min approx.

On signing up to any platform, we’ll typically receive two emails – ‘Confirm your email ID’ and ‘Your email is verified/ Welcome’. We’ve seen quite a few of these emails in our lifetime to know the procedure. It’ll have the usual content and a link to click. But here’s how Any.do made it more interesting. Read More

It’s the little things that have a big impact!

Reading Time: less than a minute

HDFC ATM here did not rely on just text to provide information to users. As a person who cannot read Hindi, having the exclamation icon indicated that the ATM is out of service. The effort to show an image along with the text saved us, users, a lot of time and trouble.

Way to go!

A workplace revamp: How to improve the UX of your office

Given a 9-5 schedule, an average adult spends about forty hours a week at his/her workplace. Irrespective of how passionate someone is about their job, there will be times when work becomes, well, just that, work. Improving the user experience of workspaces could be the jolt to drive more creative and innovative work consistently. Most corporates shy away from the thought of it, afraid of the kind of investment needed to create such environments. Fortunately, small alterations could have profound effects. Something as simple as Read More