A Session on Motion Design

UX Shots in partnership with FAYA:80 conducted a session on Motion Design, led by Ashish Anil Abraham, Lead UX Engineer from QBurst Technologies. Our main motive throughout the session was to help our audience understand that motion design can create an immersive and interactive experience that is more effective in conveying meaning to the content rather than still images.

Take a look at the brief of the session:

  1. Motion Design and its history: A detailed explanation of different elements with examples of Motion Design such as visual feedback, exhibit orientation, focus attention, cause & effect, and express brand personality.
  1. The 12 principles of Motion Design.
  1. Familiarization with some tools (Figma, Framer, Origami, Webflow, After Effects) that can implement Motion Design. 
  1. Things to keep in mind while implementing Motion Design. 
  1. Design drill on a live project.

The session ended with a live question and answer interaction and we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to interact with a vibrant group of people from different backgrounds. We are eager to reconnect with you all through many more engaging and enlightening discussions.

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