UX vs. CX

Are the following statements true?

User Experience (UX) is all about creating a wireframe of a product.

UX is just about creating mockups.

UX is solely the look and feel of the product.

No! No! No!

The term UX is vast and it includes a lot of strategies that aim for the success of a product. A positive UX means that user interactions with that product is enjoyable, easy, and solves a user’s problems as efficiently as possible. 

By now, in this modern world, companies and designers know the importance of a good UX and are seen more focused on creating better User Experience. 

While we concentrate completely on user and user experience, we also need to understand something called Customer Experience (CX) in order to build a strong and credible experience. 

But what is CX and how is it different from UX? 

Is CX the same as UX? A question people often ask us and are always concerned about!

In the simplest way, we say that User Experience is the foundation of a good Customer Experience. CX contains many aspects outside of a product that UX does not consider.

Source: uxdesign.cc

The concept of User Experience is specific to a product, say an app, website or a software and the responsibility of a UX Designer is to ensure the final satisfaction of a user. People decide within a few seconds whether the app or website is worth their time and this is where UX becomes important. 

Customer experience, on the other hand, is a much larger concept. A customer’s experience doesn’t always start with a company’s product. There are many other interactions between the customer and the brand both before, after, and even during the use of the product. 

For example, navigating through an e-commerce website, finding the required products, the easy check out process is everything we cover in UX. But CX covers more cases like, how easy it is to contact support, which are the delivery methods, how easily repairs get done, how is the refund process, and even how entertaining, or effective their marketing campaign was.

For satisfied customers, we need to maintain consistency between UX and CX. There are only two states, they are either satisfied, or they’re not.

Customers take into account all the events as the overall brand experience. So, in short, we can say, Good CX is built around good UX. 

Closing Thoughts 

Both UX and CX play a crucial role in the ultimate success of a business. Failures in either area can lead to a bad overall experience.

We know each day technology is getting more into our lives and the terms CX and UX are only going to get closer. Though we are UXers, try considering the whole customer ecosystem and not just the app or website we are working on.