Let’s learn UX – Part 1

UXShots in partnership with Prathidhwani Technical Forum organised a UX Webinar series called “Let’s learn UX” where we cover everything from “What is UX?” to “How to conduct a UX Audit”

The first session was on Sept 5, 2020 and it covered the basics of what User Experience is, the roles and skills of a UX Designer, difference between UI & UX, why organizations should care about UX and the different UX maturity levels.

One of the key takeaways from this session was to validate the assumptions we make about our end users and the fact that UX does not exist without the Users. Another point was how a UX person should be able to bridge the gap between the user needs and business goals taking in consideration the technical feasibility as well. Importance of the timing of UX involvement in projects were discussed. The session concluded by mentioning the importance of UX leadership and culture in organizations. The audience also agreed to the fact that how well the leaders and company as a whole appreciate the value and necessity of UX design from a business perspective decides the success of UX in an organization.

The second session titled, ‘Master your UX Vocabulary’ was divided into 3 parts. First part was all about UX jargons. User Experience is a young and booming field and the terminology can be quite confusing. So, this part of the session was for all UX designers and for the people who have to communicate with them. The session focused on terms like end users, mental model, empathy, pain points, user-centered design, onboarding, offboarding, design thinking, accessibility, usability tests etc. To engage in design talks, to ask questions, and to network with ease, knowing these terms would definitely help. 

The second part of the session focussed on UX terms that have an impact on the real world as well as digital world. Affordance, Hick’s law and Zeigarnik effect were explained with both real and digital world examples. And the final part, UX in everyday work, covered the when & where to use different UI input controls, along with some best practices or points to remember to create a better user experience. 

The audience were very lively and interacting with the speakers with lots of UX queries. UXShots is excited to see the community growing and helping each other by sharing knowledge. 

We look forward to the second session in the series on Sep 12, 2020. See you all there.