In e-commerce UX, buying a product is the big move, the macro-conversion, but how do users decide to buy products online?

Online shops are a highly competitive market and it is more than likely that your business has some strong counterparts in the field. Apart from the usual tracking of sales, providing quality products, and ensuring smooth delivery, is your website helping users decide to purchase?

To check this, we have to look at whether your website/app has micro-conversions. 

Micro-conversions are actions that seemingly do not contribute to purchasing an item but work to provide more information to help them decide. Let’s look at a list of micro-conversions we compiled that you can add to your e-commerce business.

For this post, we’ll target the following pages

  1. Home Page
  2. Product Detail Page
  3. Cart
  1. Home Page

Home pages are arguably the face of the brand. A killer landing page ensures that all your best products and services are on display. Micro-conversions here will be the ones that guide users towards a category or section of the site that interests them.

  • Category based on budget (Fashion under 299!)
  • Category based on trend (Dalgona coffee recipes!)
  • Category based on events (Birthday party decors!)
  1. Product Detail Page

Here is where a lot of decision is made. Users look for ways to understand how this product will improve their life. They are also wary of fake products that do not deliver promised quality on goods. A key area for micro-conversions is on this page and few of them are: 

  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Q&A about products
  • Special offers on the product
  • Video of how it works
  • EMI options whenever applicable
  1. Cart

According to a survey by Barnard, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.5%. Some of the reasons stated for this abandonment is, hidden costs, lack of offers, or fewer payment options. Let’s look at a few micro-conversions that could possibly reduce that number.

  • Option to move products into wishlist (Better late than never!)
  • Flexibility to change quantity/sizes
  • Viewing the number of items left (Only 1 left!)
  • Freedom to send products as a gift
  • Suggest accessories that match with products in the cart
  • Highlighting the expected delivery date

Are there any other micro-conversions that you believe could influence online customer behaviour? Let us know via uxshots@gmail.com and we’ll discuss.

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