Accessible Design: A Better User Experience for All

On February 29, 2020, UXShots in partnership with GTech conducted an event that looked at accessibility from both UX and UI perspectives. To compliment them we included sessions that explained why we should consider accessibility in the first place as well as a case study of how it is implemented in LinkedIn.

Here’s a brief of each session:

1. Designing an accessible user experience 

By Architha Nair, Senior UX Engineer, QBurst Technologies | HFI – CUA

This session demystified the term ‘accessibility’ and cleared common myths related to it. She spoke about the fundamentals of accessible design and how can it bring about a huge difference in User Experience as well as increase revenue for businesses that make an effort to consider specially-abled users.

2. Accessibility: A Visual Designer’s Perspective 

By Anoop Krishna, Manager, UI Design, QBurst Technologies

A walkthrough of all the important elements a designer has to keep in mind while designing accessible interfaces.

3. Accessibility challenges of the deaf in a hearing world

By Remya Raj, CEO, DAAD & Sulu A Noushad, Finance Director, DAAD

The challenges faced by the deaf community in an unconcerned, obvious hearing world. This session talks about how we are trying to educate and overcome challenges our community faces with accessible technology and education.

4. LinkedIn: A case-study on Accessibility 

By Anish K Raju, Founder, ROIndex Digital

No two LinkedIn members are the same—and it’s that diversity which makes the community so great. LinkedIn believes in inclusion, and they want you to know that whatever your goals, ideas and abilities are, they’re here to help you succeed.  LinkedIn is on a journey to make accessibility and inclusive design part of its core principles, building accessibility from the ground up and testing products with assistive technology to make sure that everyone can use LinkedIn to advance their professional goals.  

Event partners: QBurst Technologies, Triassic Solutions, SmashHire, DAAD, and Equipo Health.