Zomato – UX Suggestions

Through the eyes of a UX expert, here are some UX suggestions that Zomato may consider for improvements.

  1. The ‘User Account’ icon is a bit confusing. It is not easily recognisable as its image is different from the usually seen images. It is recommended to use commonly used icons to be easily recognised by the user.
  1. The ‘User Account’ icon and ‘Search option may be kept in the footer area so as to allow easy navigation. Presently these are positioned at the header but nowadays most of us use big-screen mobile devices so it will be easy for the user to navigate using thumb if these options are placed at the footer. 
  1. Larger images can be used for the ‘Food Items’ in the ’Listing Page’ of a restaurant so as to easily identify the item. 
  1. Product descriptions in the ’Listing Page’ give a cluttered feeling. The detailed descriptions can be moved to individual product pages. 
  1. In the ’Product Page’, other related (depending on the logic) products are also shown, but in a smaller size. Making other products also in the same size as of the present product could ease the selection/search experience of the user.
  1. Only images are clickable in the ’Product Listing’. It will be better to make both image and text clickable so as to make it simple and avoid ambiguity. 
  1. While in a ’Product Page’, clicking the back button of the phone or of the App, takes the user to the ’Home’ page of the app rather than to the previous window where products of the already selected particular restaurant are listed. It is important to follow navigations that users made when ‘Back’ is tapped.
  1. ‘Menu’ button visible inside pages can be made with a vibrant background colour so as to make it easily identified by the user. Currently, it is given on a white background making it less recognisable.
  1. In the ’Cart’ page, in addition to the already added items, the app will suggest adding other items (like Pepsi etc). In the current window, there is no separation between the items which the user has added and the suggested items. Both look like items added by the user. It would be better to have a separation between the user-added items and app suggested items.
  1. ’Apply Promo Code’ button can be made legible and prominent. Currently, it is kept in such a way that the user may not notice it easily. Making this button prominent can help the user identify it easily.
  1. The products are not customizable from the ’Cart’. It would be better to keep a ’Customize’ option under the appropriate products in the cart.
  1. If we have already customized a product from the product page, and it is added to the cart, the cart will show all details of customization and if there are multiple customization for a product or each of the products, the ’Cart’ page will become cluttered. Rather than showing all customization details, it might be good to keep only an ’Expand’ button that will show the customization details on tap.

About the author

Vishnu is a visual designer turned UX Designer. a true believer of the saying “the best things come from living outside of your comfort zone”. He never misses trips with friends and loves playing cricket.

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