India Post – A good experience

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Author: Mithila Chandran

Luck by chance, I was able to visit the most widely distributed postal system in the world, “The India Post”.

With a negative impression in mind (since almost all government departments gave me bad experiences) and a lot of questions, I entered the building situated at the heart of the city. What am I supposed to do? Whom should I meet? What are the procedures to complete my task? How will I know the tasks? (Note: I went to take Aadhar for my 5-year-old daughter)

It was around 9:30 a.m. There was a considerable crowd for Aadhar registration but I found almost everyone seated waiting for their turn. I looked around and found the ‘May I help You’ section to my right side without difficulty. I went there to meet a smiling lady who asked my concern and explained to me the entire procedure. She also told me the documents to be produced at the time of verification. Now, is this what we say as ‘first impression is the best impression’? I submitted the application form and received the token number and waited for my number to be called. It was then that many things captured my eyes.

The place was really neat and clean with proper and adequate seating facilities. There were separate counters for all the services provided by India Post and all the counters were clearly labelled. International services, parcel services, the normal post, stamps; all had separate sections. What I noticed was that people who came for each service stood in a queue without creating any disturbance, which also eased the functioning of the employees. Sufficient number of writing desks were placed across the hall to aid people to complete their forms.  A visual display was showcasing all the services offered by the India Post, especially the India Post Banking Mobile app. I believe that was a very apt marketing strategy taken by the team since this is viewed by people who are waiting for their turn and I found many people installing the app and registering.

There was also a notice board placed which showed all the features that are available at various levels of the building. It mentioned the first floor is for Registration and parcel, Deputy Manager, and Speedpost. The Second floor had Senior Postmaster, Postal Life Insurance, Philately, and Accounts. This will help people to go to the level where they are supposed to go. Complementing all these is a Stamp Collection section which displayed all the recent stamps that were introduced on various occasions; this is an add-on feature for philatelist. Above all, even though there was only one employee responsible for Aadhar registrations, she greeted all the people who went to her, with a calm and relaxed nature. 

It is always a pleasure to receive such good attributes and you feel like going there a second time. People always expect things to be given upfront and I believe this can improve the overall experience of the entire system.

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