UX Photo Contest Winners!

UXShots organized a UX Photo Contest for all employees in Technopark, Trivandrum.

The responses we received were overwhelming. It’s amazing to know that we have an experience conscious crowd here. From over 30 entries, we picked top 7 and presented each to a panel of UX experts. 

Each entry was judged critically based on the photo evidence, supportive description, and validity of the issue. After much deliberation, we simply could not choose just top 3. Third place is shared by two participants, so we have 4 winners for the event! Here are the entries and their prizes. 

The cash prizes will be distributed on November 14 at Iris Hall, Technopark Trivandrum.

First Prize: Kishore Krishnan, Triassic Solutions Pvt Ltd

Car manufacturers must seriously think of removing the opaqueness of the life-threatening BLIND SPOTS in vehicles. I had quite a lot of life risking experience while driving due to the blind spots in my car.  Big applause to the teenager Ms Alaina Gassler, from West Grove, Pennsylvania, who had successfully created a prototype designed to eliminate a car’s blind spots.  Looking forward to its implementation in the near future.

Second Prize: Arun Sadasivan, Experion Technologies

Aesthetics and design: From a design perspective, the product is sleek and can be installed anywhere. It gives the appearance of a fence thereby enhancing the look and feel of the location where this is installed.

Colour: The colour selection is good, making it visible from a farther distance. 

Purpose: The purpose of this product is to safeguard one’s bicycle. The user can leave the cycle after attaching it to this stand. The stand is sleek, could be installed anywhere be it roadside, front of shops, restaurants, parks, etc. The product is unique because the presence of this in large numbers around a city does support the concept of cycling for commuting, safeguarding and protecting your cycle and providing a healthier option to a community by promoting more people to join cycling.

Third Prize: Hasgar D, AOT Technologies

I found this in a restaurant. The problem with this hand wash is there are four pointers at the top. That will make confusion for the user. User can’t understand which way liquid will come out. When I went to wash I saw lots of liquid on the floor and washbasin. There is only one option for the user, which is to look at the hand wash for a few seconds and find the right pointer by looking at liquid colour which went through the pointer before but normally everyone just presses it and waits for the liquid to come out. So I believe this is a UX failure.

Third Prize: Deepak S Murugesan, Reflections Info Systems Pvt Ltd

The switch is an overused entity in our day to day life, the main problem with switches is that the people who use them regularly know which all are used. While the general public needs to find out using the trial and error method. 

These switches need proper naming so that the user can know which one does what.

Also showing an ON/OFF indication will also be helpful if the user is using a 3-way switch.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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