My Problem Cont’d

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My Yoga Mat!! Looking very neat and clean.  Length: 170 cm & Breadth: 61 cm.(believe this is the universal measurement). My height: 167 cm. So this is mainly for people who want to practice yoga in this so-called ‘Yoga Mat’.

All must have done or seen ‘Shavasanam’. You lie on the floor straight with your hands stretched out on either side of your body. Note that our hands are on the floor and not on the mat.

Now let’s consider Surya Namaskar. There are various postures in this where you will have to stretch your legs, hands and your body altogether.

Various steps in Surya Namaskar

Now, when I do these, my concentration will be on bringing my body inside the mat and not doing the yoga freely (considering the length of the mat and my height). When I try to bring my head inside the mat, my feet go out and vice versa. While I practice yoga, I keep on thinking, I should not go out of the mat. The main purpose of yoga is lost.

So why do people prefer this mat for practising yoga? Why not go for mats which are comfortable for them and serve the purpose well.

When I tell people that I have started practising yoga why is this question coming up: “Did You Buy The Yoga Mat”?

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Mithila Chandran

Mithila is a simple, hardworking and an ambitious person who strongly believes in simplicity. With keen attention to detail and intense love for being empathetic, she finds solutions for anything and everything around. She dances really well, though she poorly rates her dancing skills!

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