Onboarding emails done right!

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On signing up to any platform, we’ll typically receive two emails – ‘Confirm your email ID’ and ‘Your email is verified/ Welcome’. We’ve seen quite a few of these emails in our lifetime to know the procedure. It’ll have the usual content and a link to click. But here’s how Any.do made it more interesting.

  1. Confirmation email.

All these years I only looked at it as a procedure that benefits the company (to ensure I was indeed human or for them to send marketing emails). I generally skip the text in confirmation emails because they rarely differ from each other. When I signed up at Any.do I was expecting the same but was pleasantly surprised. The content is well crafted advising why it’s in my best interest to confirm my email. It’s short, concise and to the point. I’ve never made an informed decision to Confirm my email ID before this.

2. Email Verified/ Welcome mail

The subject of the email just said: “Welcome to Any.do”. As soon as you open the mail, you see this gif:

This was a wonderful surprise. I spent quite some time watching the gif and feeling really happy.

Sign-up confirmation emails are an opportunity for businesses to create a personal connection with their audience. It’s imperative that the content and timing of these emails are well planned and executed. When crafting the ultimate onboarding experiences for your users, let’s keep in mind these emails as well.

NB: This is not a sponsored/promotional post for Any.do

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