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Most of us have a misconception that UX Design is all about wireframing. But wireframing is just a part of a very long, essential and iterative process called UCA.

Wireframing is, however, indispensable because it is the design phase where the designers put in all their ideas, thoughts, and assumptions into a single framework. In other words, it serves as a visual guide that can be used for testing with users prior to launch. A sample pattern of the final product will be helpful in capturing user’s feelings and experiences when using the product. This can also help in reducing the effort, cost, and time invested in the development of the ultimate product.

Here is a wireframe for a beauty service app (hmm.. let me call it Glam-Up) where users can select the beauty service they want and their professionals.

So, why don’t you try using this app? Let’s do a small exercise…

Scenario: You visit Glam-Up app to book your service for a haircut and hairstyling. The app works by picking your current location and as per your search, it would suggest the professionals in your nearby location. You may now navigate through the app wireframes to make a booking for your service and let me know if you found it easy to accomplish your task.
You shall drop in your navigation path in the comment box below.

Click on the link below to view and navigate through the interactive wireframes.

Wireframe Link:

Thanks for taking up the test and providing your feedback.

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  1. Navigation Path:: Home–> Location_Map–>BookService_AJ–>Thank You
    cool name for the App.
    Truly this is real guidance and almost matched with the model that i had in my mind about the concept explained.
    nice explanation. 🙂