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With the discovery of ATM (which is associated with every bank) around the world and that too 24×7, our lives have been made amazing in so many ways.

Let’s talk from a bank perspective – As a bank customer, we need to wait in banks to get cash and to do so, we have to go through numerous ways to withdraw it. First, as we enter the bank –

  • We need to take a waiting counter ticket.
  • Look at the display board to wait for our number patiently.
  • Once our number is called, sigh a deep breath, “Finally!
  • Go to our respective counter
  • Give the cheques
  • Phew”, we get our cash

Now let’s switch to an ATM scenario –

  • I reach the ATM (i.e, if no one is around)
  • I put in my card and the screen says “Welcome” (How nice)
  • I enter the Pin number and amount to withdraw
  • “Voila”, the cash comes out.

When my kids see me doing this, they say that this is a magical machine 🙂

Despite its positive experiences, let me write down some of the negative experiences that I faced while using an ATM:

  1. Certain emergency situations – I had an emergency situation where I had to take some cash immediately and I went to the nearest ATM to withdraw. I entered the PIN number as well as the amount and tapped on Continue. Message on the screen said – “Please wait – you will receive your cash soon”. As I waited – instead of hearing the wonderful sound of cash coming out of the machine, I got a message on the screen saying, “Temporarily Unavailable”. I couldn’t go to the bank, as it was closed. With this disappointment, I was on a quest to try my luck with another ATM.
  2. Need to enter a certain amount – So I go to the ATM to withdraw money, as I need to give salary to my help. I enter the amount and the message says as usual – “Please wait – you will receive your cash soon”. Next thing, no sound of the cash coming and the screen says, “You can only enter the amount for “2000 or 4000”, as this much is the amount the magic machine can provide for now.
  3. ATM is stuck –  Yes yes, since it’s about the ATM, I go there and enter the PIN and amount. The message says – “Please wait – you will receive your cash soon”. And Hallelujah, I hear the sound of cash coming out. As I am about to take the cash, power goes off. Oh no, it got stuck. I tell the security guard about this and the next thing I know, it’s like a movie scene where a couple of electricians come to fix the power for many hours and I feel like a damsel in distress.
  4. ATM card doesn’t work – There can be situations where our ATM card doesn’t work. I had faced a similar situation where I insert my card in the machine and the message on the screen says – “This card is invalid”.
  5. That’s it? It doesn’t explain why my card is not working and I feel like an idiot. Just to make sure what exactly went wrong, I inserted the card once again and it says “Welcome”. Wow, what a miracle!

As I mentioned earlier, ATM have been one of the best things to happen to us because it simplifies the user’s need and provides a wonderful user experience.

We do not have to carry a large bundle of cash with us and this doesn’t make us worry all the time to see that our cash is in safe custody.

But as the saying goes – “A coin has two sides”, these are a couple of negative experiences that I had faced while using an ATM. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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