Who else wants UX in a mall?

Author: Mithila Chandran

After booking and confirming the date/time for a movie (Sunday, 4:15 p.m.) and the number of seats, I closed the app without looking at the seat numbers at a theatre in a nearby mall.

OMG! Where do I park my car?

Sunday: 3:15 p.m: With my family, left for the theatre. My father (65 years old) who is a bit impatient wants everything with him at the fingertip, was driving the car. We were directed by the security staff at the entrance of the mall to use the rooftop parking area. On reaching the rooftop, there was no assistance for where to park the car. There were cars parked and also some others searching for the parking slot. We were also confused as we did not know whether the other car was looking for a parking slot or was moving out. Fortunately, we spotted a car moving out and we parked our car. By this time my father was really irritated. I felt the number of security staff at the rooftop could be increased to assist old aged and impatient people.

Where is the Mall Entry?

We got out of the car and looked around for the entrance. It was shown ‘Mall Entry >>’ at all walls. Looking at this we reached a point where a door was seen but closed. We again moved forward and found other people having the same experience as ours. We reached a point where there was a way but not a good one for movement. Still, we went through that way and finally reached the stairs. Another family followed us but stopped at one stage because they were not confident enough about the way. When they knew we found the stairs they came with us. Luckily we entered the theatre lounge. The experience could have been improved if there was any proper direction given for entry at each door. At each door, authorities could have placed cards saying ‘Use steps to enter the mall’ along with a step image so that people who could not read can understand by the image displayed.

Entered the theatre

After all the formalities at the theatre entrance, went inside to our seats. I checked my seat number and it was shown EXECUTIV – I1, I2, I3. I was confused as I did not find the alphabet for my seat and in my mind, I was thinking I booked my seats from the right end. Since it was my first visit to the theatre, thought “Was it the way it is and that I should ask the staff about the seats or did I make any mistake”? I made my family sit in one of the rows and went out to find the theatre staff to clear this. They looked at the ticket purchased and for a minute they were doubtful as to how that could happen. We were looking at the seats as Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. Later we understood it was ‘I’1, ‘I’2, ‘I’3. Rushed back and changed seats. During early times, inside the theatre staff would help us and they would take us to the respective seats. But then I thought, had it been my parents alone it would have been difficult for them. Inside the ticket purchased if the seats were also displayed it would also be better. So by looking at the ticket, users will get an idea as to where the seat is. They can recognize the seats that they have purchased.

During the interval, I was trying to go out and at the theatre door, there was a handle. I tried Pulling it. But the door did not open. I tried pulling the door a couple of times but I was unsuccessful. Nothing was written on the door. I moved back and waited to see. Then I understood even though the handle was there, it was actually for pushing the door and not pulling. So, near the handle, it could have been written ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ along with images so that it will be easier.

Inside the theatre, the spotlight was OFF. So people who came late found it extremely difficult to find their seats. One incident that I heard recently was that since there was no light, staff who brought snacks inside the theatre misstepped, and hot tea fell over one of the viewers. Severe consequence had to be faced by that particular viewer. In order, to avoid such things, it would be better if the spotlight near the steps can be switched ON.

Time for Exit

After the film, we came out and moved upstairs. With the help of staff and label “Ramp to Terrace” we reached the rooftop. But over here as well, there was no indications or markers to know where our car was parked. Based on the geography, we somehow found the spot and took the car. Proper “Exit” was given and it was easy for us to come out of the mall. The same happy experience should be felt by people when they enter the mall too.

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  1. Great piece of work (y)
    Literally took for a movie and showed where things can do better!!
    Also provided simple and proper suggestions to improve and make better experience.
    Excellent writing ☺️