Our Story

UX Shots was created by a group of passionate UX professionals who felt the lack of a UX community and decided to step in. As a first step, we launched a blog on Jan 01, 2019 that posts articles on UX. Articles that relate to online as well as offline user experiences, ones that created a positive impact as well as a negative impact. We took on an impartial professional outlook on all the experiences we went through to share with fellow UX enthusiasts. 

The overwhelming response we received from our readers was the encouragement that led us to think about a chapter in Trivandrum and to conduct UX events. Our focus is to create a pool of connected UXers to inspire each other, share feedback on work and to bounce ideas off of.

If you are a passionate UXer and would like to contribute to the community, send us a hello at uxshots@gmail.com and make sure you follow all our social media pages to stay updated.  


Do you have an idea or an experience that radically impacted you? Do you want to share that with fellow UX enthusiasts and get their word on it? If you answered yes, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Be a guest writer on UX Shots. Mail us (uxshots@gmail.com) your case studies or articles and we’ll post it on our site.