Zeigarnik Effect

“People remember incomplete or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks” …

Sounds familiar?

In the 1920s, Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik conducted a study on memory in which she compared memory in relation to incomplete and complete tasks. She found that incomplete tasks are easier to remember than successful ones and this is now known as the Zeigarnik effect. Read More

Are Free Trials Really Free?

People simply love the word “FREE”. They are happy and willing to use anything that is given to them for free. So our marketers and ad agencies play really well with this word. In our everyday lives, we have come across different variations for free like:

  • Free trials
  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Risk-Free
  • Free and clear.

However, despite the various versions of free, it remains an incredibly powerful word, and its influence over us as consumers is Read More

My Problem Cont’d

Reading Time: less than a minute

My Yoga Mat!! Looking very neat and clean.  Length: 170 cm & Breadth: 61 cm.(believe this is the universal measurement). My height: 167 cm. So this is mainly for people who want to practice yoga in this so-called ‘Yoga Mat’.

All must have done or seen ‘Shavasanam’. You lie on the floor straight with your hands stretched out on either side of your body. Note that Read More